Diploma in Medical / Para Medical

Our Diploma in Medical and Para Medical programs are crafted to provide aspiring healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. These programs encompass a range of specializations designed to prepare individuals for critical roles in healthcare settings, contributing to better patient care and community well-being.

Program Highlights


Specialized Training: Our programs offer specialized training in various medical and para medical fields, including nursing, medical laboratory technology, radiography, anesthesia technology, optometry, and more.


Practical Experience: Gain hands-on experience through clinical rotations, internships, and practical training in leading healthcare facilities. This ensures you're proficient and confident in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world healthcare scenarios.


Cutting-Edge Curriculum: The curriculum is designed in consultation with industry experts and healthcare professionals to ensure it aligns with current industry trends and best practices.


Faculty Expertise: Learn from experienced faculty members who are passionate about educating and guiding the next generation of healthcare professionals. They provide mentorship and support to help you succeed.


Career Opportunities: Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Medical / Para Medical programs, graduates can pursue a wide range of career opportunities in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers, and public health organizations.

Admission Requirements:


Minimum educational qualification: 10+2 in Science stream (Biology preferred) from a recognized board or equivalent.


Fulfillment of admission criteria, including submission of required documents and potentially passing an entrance examination or interview.


Embark on a rewarding journey in the medical and para medical field with our Diploma programs. Gain the skills and expertise needed to make a positive impact on the healthcare sector and the lives of those you serve.

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

A diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT Course) teaches students how to perform medical laboratory tests and procedures. The course covers topics such as hematology, microbiology, and clinical chemistry. Graduates can work in hospitals, clinics, or medical laboratories.

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma in Nursing is a 3-year full-time diploma level program. The course is offered by universities like SRM Institute of Technology, Singhania University, Venkateswara Nursing College and more. 

There is a huge demand for Diploma in Nursing professionals in sectors like Nursing Homes, Medical Writing, Administration, Health Care Centres, Educational institutes, etc. Every year a huge number of these diploma holders get themselves placed in any of the above mentioned sectors that offer them a good annual pay. 

Aspirants who wish to seek admission to the program of Diploma in Nursing are required to know the common admission process as prescribed by the respective institutions.

  • Candidates are offered admission to the program on the basis of merit, as most of the colleges offering this program have a facility of direct admissions.
  • Admission for this course in India is generally held in the month of April to June.
  • All the important information with regards to Diploma in Nursing courses and the date of admission can be availed on the official websites of the colleges.

Diploma in Radiography and Imaging Technology

Diploma in Radiography is a 2-3-year undergraduate-level program, offered in the paramedical stream. It deals with the diagnosis of major diseases and other afflictions of internal organs and sections not visible to the naked eye. Students learn the use of techniques and equipment employed in X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, Sonography (Ultrasound), Angiography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT Scan, and many more in this course.

Diploma in Physiotherapy

A Diploma in Physiotherapy is a professional course in the paramedical field that candidates can pursue if they want to work with and treat patients who have physical disabilities or have been injured. The course duration is 2 years and it teaches different rehabilitation techniques to candidates that must be applied to patients so that they can return to a normal lifestyle. 

Candidates can pursue a Diploma in Physiotherapy after completing their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% aggregate score from a recognised board with the science stream. Some colleges and institutions offer admission to DPT courses on the basis of merit or through marks scored at entrance examinations. Some of the top entrance examinations for pursuing a Diploma in Physiotherapy are IPU CET, BCECE, etc. Madras Medical College, Christian Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University, and King George’s Medical University are some colleges in India where students can acquire a Diploma in Physiotherapy.

Diploma in Medical Record Technology

Diploma in Medical Records Technician is a program that trains individuals to work in the field of medical records and health information management. Individuals who complete a Diploma in Medical Records Technician are referred to as Medical Records Technicians or Health Information Technicians.

Medical records technicians can work for a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, nursing home, insurance company, or even a public health organization. Because MRTs typically only need a computer and a phone and are mostly dealing with electronic records, they are also able to work remotely.

Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Diploma in Dental Hygienist 2-year  diploma program that trains students about oral hygiene and preventive dentistry. Admission to the Diploma in Dental Hygienist program is done on the basis of merit or a candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance exam, and subsequent round of counselling. 

A Diploma in Dental Hygienist is a 2-year program. With the help of this degree, candidates will become oral health professionals whose primary responsibility would be to critically examine, perform diagnosis, and treatments related to oral health issues such as teeth or gum diseases, mouth injuries, or other dental contingencies.

Diploma in Optometry

The Diploma in Optometry course includes eye and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems & vision information processing in humans. Optometrists are primary healthcare providers for the Diagnosis, management, and treatment of Eye Diseases, Refractive disorders.

Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Diploma in Occupational Therapy is a 2 to 3-year long diploma level course in Occupational Therapy for students who wish to make their career as therapists. The eligibility of the course is 10+2 examination or any equivalent with minimum 55% marks with science group of PCB. 

Occupational Therapy is a science which deals with prevention, protection, cure and rehabilitation of physically, emotionally, mentally and neurological disabled and challenged people. The field basically deals with providing therapies for problems which people can adopt in their daily lives. Diploma in Occupational Therapy is one such diploma level course spread over a span of 2-3 years. It is best suited for candidates who have an interest in providing care to people suffering from any such diseases or problems that can be cured by therapies.

Diploma in Veterinary Science

The Diploma in Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry is a comprehensive program that equips students with the knowledge and skills required to provide medical care to animals and manage various aspects of animal husbandry.

Diploma in OT Technician Course

The diploma in OT Technician Course provides students with knowledge and skills in operating theatre procedures and techniques. The course covers topics such as sterilization, patient positioning, and surgical instrumentation. Graduates can work as OT technicians in hospitals, clinics, or healthcare facilities.

Diploma in Hospital Administration

A diploma in Hospital Administration Course teaches students about healthcare management and administration. The course covers topics such as healthcare finance, healthcare laws and regulations, and hospital operations. Graduates can work in healthcare administration, and healthcare consulting, or pursue further studies in healthcare management.

Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician - EMT

Emergency Medical Technician or EMT is a course that students choose to study after secondary school. If they want to complete their graduation in this stream, they need to pass their 10+2 level. This course of study involves pieces of training and demonstrations about handling any critical emergency situations and giving immediate care to an injured person before medical help arrives. Applicants need to simply apply for this course to the level they want to complete. There is no admission exam for the Emergency Medical Technician course.

Diploma in Dialysis Technology

Diploma in Dialysis Technique is a two-year certification-based skill development course for paramedical students. The Diploma in Dialysis deals with the proper maintenance, usage, disposal and operation of the dialysis machine as a whole. Another name for this Diploma course is the Diploma in Dialysis Technology (DDT). The students are taught the proper usage of dialysis machines as well as the dialysis technique on the whole. As a result, they become well-trained dialysis technicians and can work more aptly in the hospital and medical centres, especially, dialysis centres.

Diploma in X-ray Technology

The healthcare industry is expanding and professionals in various fields are needed to ensure a well-managed healthcare sector in a country.

  • This course deals with the electromagnetic radiations that enter the human body and create images of internal structures in photographic film. After the doctor deals with the problem and treats them.
  • This course helps the students to acquire the knowledge to perform in laboratory tests, general radiography and electrocardiograms and many more tests with the technology of electromagnetic radiations. 
  • Diploma in X-ray technology is a course where students can learn how to prepare a patient undergoing X-rays and electrocardiogram procedures and the process is carried out carefully.
  • Students conduct veni-punctures and injections as well as office laboratory tests.

Diploma in Clinical Research

  • It helps to check safety and effectiveness of a device, a diagnostic product or a treatment regimen. This Information can later be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis of its risks and how it can work.
  • Diploma in clinical research Course is prepared keeping a view on the moral values involved in bioethics, emphasis is also made on complicated issues of applying this general knowledge to situations. 
  • Course is highly meant to fulfill the demand of qualified personnel for human clinical trials. This program will help one to get practical knowledge of clinical trials and its management .

Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy

DDVL full form is Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy and it is a 2-3 years diploma course studying about the disorders of skin and its appendages, and about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This paramedical course focuses on various skin-related diseases, their preventive measures and the required medical and surgical approach towards them.

For the UG diploma course in DDVL, a 10+2 education or equivalent with Biology as a subject is the primary criterion for eligibility. Meanwhile, an MBBS degree with a passing percentage is required for the PG diploma course.

Diploma in Hear Language and Speech

Speech therapy is an allied branch of healthcare sector that deals with the speech, voice and language disorders of an individual. The course is designed to generate manpower that will cater to the needs of individuals with communication disorders. It prepares students to identify individuals with communication disorders and make appropriate referrals for further diagnosis A career as an Audiologist and Speech Therapist assures not only success but also job satisfaction. This particular branch of health profession has become a very promising career option in the present times. Speech therapists are also known as speech pathologists.

Diploma in Rural Health Care

The Diploma in Rural Health Care is a 1-year diploma course designed to address rural health needs and to train students about the basics of healthcare, first aid, sanitation, and patient education. The main aim of the DHRC is to tackle the problems of rural India as most of the Indian population is still living in rural areas. 

After the completion of the DHRC course, candidates can apply for jobs in central and state government as Rural Healthcare Worker and their job is to teach rural people about cleanliness, general health issues, and family planning.

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