Degree in Nursing / GNM / ANM

At E2C Solution, we offer a range of nursing programs designed to prepare individuals for a fulfilling and impactful career in healthcare. Our programs focus on providing a strong foundation in nursing practices, healthcare management, and essential skills to deliver compassionate and competent patient care.

BSc Nursing

BSc Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate course with a focus on training and skill development as mentioned in National Health Policy 2002. Students after BSc Nursing will become professional nurses capable of taking primary, secondary and tertiary care of people BSc Nursing course is a bachelor's degree program that trains students in areas of critical care and incorporates values necessary to become nurses and midwives. The undergraduate program is of 4 years duration followed by 6 months of mandatory

internship. Students will take part in classroom study, projects and assignments during the course. Students of BSc Nursing course have a moral obligation to act as responsible citizens by following a code of moral values. Nurses play a very important role in keeping society together. They act as the backbone of medical services in any nation

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery(ANM)

ANM full form is Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery. ANM Nursing is a 2 year diploma course. It primarily deals with the health care sector. The course provides knowledge about setting up operation theatre, taking care of various equipment, maintaining records, and also administering timely medication to patients. There are a total of 1936 colleges for these courses, out of which 1615 are private, and 275 are governmental institutions. The total number of seats for this course in India is 1,00,930.

 The required eligibility criteria for pursuing ANM courses is that candidates have to score a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in their 10+2 exams. Also, their age must not cross the 18-year mark.

General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

GNM or General Nursing and Midwifery, is a 3.5 years duration course commonly known as GNM Nursing. It is a diploma-level course suitable for those pursuing a clinical nursing career. 

The 3.5 years of GNM Nursing course duration are divided into 3 years of education and 6 months of mandatory internship.

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